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Lonmar Global Risks is a leading independent specialist Lloyd's broker placing specialist insurance for clients in over 70 countries.

Excess Layer Professional Indemnity 'Top-up' Insurance

Lonmar Professions place facilities in advance of the renewal period, with a panel of leading Lloyd's syndicates and insurers to provide Excess Barristers' Indemnity Insurance for Limits in excess of Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund between GBP 2,500,000 and GBP 147,500,000.

Additional cover is automatically provided for Non Legal Services here and for breach of data protection regultations.

For a quotation click one of the links below or 'Retrieve a Quote' if you want to review details of a quotation previously provided.

Members of the same Chambers are able to benefit from a significant group premium discount to reduce individual policy costs.

In addition. we can arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance for Arbitrators and Mediators. For a quotation, please complete and return a copy of the proposal form.

For further details please contact:

Robin Wilson | Executive Director | T: +44 (0) 20 7204 3625 | E: robin.wilson@lonmar.com

Caroline Cooper | Divisional Director | T: +44 (0) 20 7204 3618 | E: caroline.cooper@lonmar.com

Lonmar is a leading independant Lloyd's broker placing specialist insurance for clients in over 70 countries worldwide.

Lonmar Professions have develped a suite of bespoke products providing isurance solutions for barristers and Chambers

Barristers' Excess Professional Indemnity Insurance 'Top-up'


LONMAR Professions is the Bar Council's Service Partner for the provision Barristers' Excess Indemnity Insurance.